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It’s Time to Own Our Successes: Using Testimonials in Marketing

So many business owners are hesitant about using testimonials in marketing. They don’t want to be seen as cocky, that they are exploiting their clients, or flaunting their successes. But I’m going to let you in on a secret: I felt this way too. 


Call it a case of imposter syndrome or just plain old modesty, but I’ve always preferred to let my work speak for itself quietly in the background. While I used testimonials, I was never very comfortable with them. And while they’ve always worked great, I never felt comfortable preaching the use of testimonials to clients. But recently, some of my clients gave me a much-needed reality check. They pointed out that they’re proud to have worked with me and that they want that recognition too!


It got me thinking: Maybe it’s time to own my successes and embrace the power of testimonials in marketing. So, I’ve made a resolution for myself: I’m going all in on testimonials. And let me tell you, the impact is palpable.


What Makes Testimonials in Marketing So Useful?


Testimonials are often the first thing potential clients read on your website. Studies show that over ninety percent of buyers consider them before making a decision. That’s some serious social proof right there. But why do they help? 


The reason testimonials are so powerful in driving sales is because they build trust. As much as I’d love for the internet to be a lovely safe space where nobody gets scammed, you and I both know that that is not the case. For both ecommerce and service based businesses, including testimonials in marketing on your website and social platforms gives potential clients assurance that you are trustworthy, quality, and that there is a real business behind everything else.


Just saying that you are great is not enough; testimonials help you prove it.

Gathering Testimonials

To use testimonials in marketing, you need to get them first! There are plenty of ways to gather testimonials. You can collect reviews through platforms like Google Business or Facebook, or simply ask clients to email you their thoughts. Personally, I’ve been loving the approach of recording short client interviews and transcribing them for more authentic, ‘from the heart’ testimonials. It does take a bit of courage to ask for feedback face-to-face, but the results are so worth it.


Now, here’s the thing: not all testimonials are created equal. You want to select ones that align with your core offerings and target audience. I keep a spreadsheet of reviews categorized by topic so that I have a diverse range to pull from. And of course, I always respect clients’ privacy by anonymizing their feedback unless they’ve given me the green light to use their name.

Using Testimonials in Marketing


Once you’ve got your testimonials locked and loaded, it’s time to put them to work. Sprinkle them throughout your website, include them in emails, print them on flyers — get creative! And don’t forget about social media. Short quotes make perfect Pinterest pins or Instagram posts, driving traffic back to your site and generating leads.


You can pretty much post testimonials to any platform, it all depends on how you package it. They can be a part of a longer promo post or on their own. Either way, they are an incredibly useful tool to have in your toolbox.


How Often Should I Use Testimonials in Marketing?


While they are incredibly useful, using testimonials in marketing too often can swamp your audience and the aforementioned ‘cockiness’ can come into play. You should aim to feature a testimonial in about one out of every five to six marketing posts. It’s enough to build credibility without overwhelming your audience. 


You can absolutely reuse the same testimonials too, just make sure that they’re spaced out enough that the audience gets bored — we wouldn’t want that, would we!


Whether you’re a testimonial newbie like me or a seasoned pro, there’s always room to grow. Reach out to your clients and ask for their feedback. I promise, it doesn’t make you vain to showcase your achievements; it just makes you a good marketer. So, let’s make a pact to explore testimonials in marketing together. It will be so worth it!

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