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Why Your Website Needs a Cookie

(Not one that you eat. That one is for you. But one that helps you…

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Zoho Consultants for NZ Buisnessess

Zoho consultants for New Zealand businesses

It was a big decision to commit to becoming Zoho consultants for New Zealand business.…

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sigital marketing strategy for small business in new zealand by Identify Marketing

What You Can Expect to Cover in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Many business owners recognise the need to create a digital marketing strategy and learn how…

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questions marketing strategists ask when helping you write a marketing strategy

TEN of the Questions I’ll ask you, if I’m helping you write a marketing strategy for your business.

There’s a whole lot of things that marketers, including myself, will often ask and talk…

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Reasons NZ Businesses Should Consider ZOHO ONE or ZOHO CRM for their business

When choosing a CRM / marketing automation solution for you business, it’s really important to…

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zoho one ideal crm for nz solopreneurs

Why Zoho One is the ideal CRM solution for New Zealand Soloprenuers, Who Want to Scale and Grow Their Business.

If you’re a solopreneur growing a business in New Zealand you want to be able…

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ZOHO CRM partners implementing zoho into NZ businesses

What I’ve Learned From Using ZOHO CRM in Our Own Small Business

Using ZOHO CRM in our own marketing company positively impacted how we understand our marketing,…

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Identify Marketing SEO blogs that Google loves

How to write blogs that are readable AND good for SEO

Great content is still one of the pillars of good SEO, and writing blogs that…

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increase your ability to close a sale

Increase Your Ability to Close a Sale with These Seven Tips

Everyone has the ability to close a sale in them. If you are in charge…

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Do I need to think about keywords in my blogs

Do I need to think about keywords in my blogs?

You’ve just put up a blog and you’re excited to share your thoughts with the…

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How Active Campaign can help you reengage your list on Facebook

You can effectively use Active Campaign to reengage with your list on Facebook, creating custom…

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Why you should use ActiveCampaign with Shopify

Marketing automation can really help your e commerce business grow. Using Active Campaign with Shopify…

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Learn How to Write Effective Sales Copy for Selling Online

Want to write effective sales copy for selling online? While there is talent behind the…

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Marketing automation for your business

Do I need marketing automation for my business?

If you like the sound of using marketing automation for your business, but really don’t…

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Five Top Tips When Planning Email Marketing for Businesses

Five Top Tips When Planning Email Marketing for Businesses

Planning email marketing for businesses effectively can see you get new clients almost by magic,…

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Active Campaign and WooCommerce

Active Campaign and WooCommerce Integration – what’s in it for you?

Capturing your customers’ existing data between Active Campaign and WooCommerce is a powerful exercise enabling…

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