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Grow Your Business as a Member of Facebook Groups

If you're wanting to grow your business as a member of Facebook groups, here's some…

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Are you using the right social media marketing tools for your business?

When I sit down with a business owner to plan their digital marketing, we spend…

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Google AdWords vs Facebook Advertising – what is right for your business?

Are you unsure about where your business should be focusing its digital marketing spend? Are…

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Are you working with a Digital Marketing Cowboy?

With the rise of easy to engage online marketers, marketing business coaches and virtual assistants,…

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Likes, Comments and Lies: How Some Instagram Users Are Faking It

There has been a lot of talk recently, both in New Zealand and overseas, about…

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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to create alliances with your competitors

Part of understanding your Market Proposition is recognising when you may not be the best…

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Don’t let anxiety stall your sales success

Let's admit it, when we think about what attributes make up an effective salesperson we…

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How HR teams can use sales and marketing techniques to develop culture, and implement change

The following is a summary of a presentation I ran at two recent Elephant HR…

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Helping You Understand SEO Easily

If you struggle to understand SEO easily, we've created this short video to help you understand…

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How to Correctly Price Your Products

Knowing how to correctly price your products is a key part of your business success.…

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Getting to the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

We're often so busy working out how to market our business we forget to ensure we…

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Should my NZ business be on Instagram?

If the question at hand is "Should my NZ business be on instagram?", it's likely…

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