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How Squoodles Doubled Sales by Trusting Identify Marketing’s Expertise and Vision

The Challenge: Time to Stop Trying to Do It All

The Cost of Trying to Keep Up With Marketing Trends

After 6 years in business, Tracy’s company had grown and was doing well. She was doing e-mail marketing, social media, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. She worked hard to keep on top of current trends. However, constant changes made this difficult.

I have paid $1,000 to go and do a Facebook training. I would come away going, “Awesome. Great. I’ve got a handle on it.” Two weeks later, Facebook changed the algorithm. And I’m going, “Why is this not working anymore?… This is just ridiculous.”

After attending Identify Marketing’s free marketing seminar, Map It, she came away knowing that something needed to change.

Time to Relinquish Control

I had reached a time in the business where I had finally appreciated that I couldn’t do everything myself. I had to relinquish control. And if I was going to do it, it had to be with a company I felt trust and confidence with and who would treat my business, like their business. 

Rachel and Rod’s experience, vision, and confidence convinced her they could take what she had started, input their expertise and strengths, and supersize the results. After so many years she was finally confident to hand over her marketing to people who had greater expertise than herself. 

The Solution: Create Strong Systems and Maximise Returns on Resources

Building on What Tracy Had Already Done

In their first Strategy Session, Rachel and Rod had taken on board many of her ideas but they also encouraged Tracy into areas she hadn’t considered before. 

They took what I felt I needed and transformed that into what I actually did and didn’t need.

Rachel started to work on Facebook Ads.  Rod began by transferring Squoodles from their previous provider to Active Campaign. Together they focused on how they could create systems that produced strong results.

The newsletter sign-up form was changed to a “Squoodle Bug Club” enrolment and used extensively. This small change resulted in a steadily growing, engaged subscriber list.  Rod automated Squoodles’ email systems using nurture sequences and segmentation.

An Unexpected Glitch

Then, a global pandemic caused a nationwide lockdown. Unexpectedly, Tracy and her husband were rushed off their feet. Families educating their kids at home needed educational resources.

Subscribers were pouring in. Rod maximised the system to gather all the data possible for later use.

Rachel supported Tracy daily and had the advice she needed. Tracy felt a sense of relief that she could focus on just getting orders out. 

Making the Most of the Data Collected

When the lockdown finished, Rachel and Rod were there to advise her. They had all the systems in place to use the data they had collected. Rod put his segmentation and automations to work. Rachel focused on social media, retargeting past clients. To Tracy’s surprise, instead of sales falling, they maintained the momentum they had reached during the busyness of lockdown. 

Moving Forward

Rachel and Rod continue to build on Tracy’s foundation adding exciting new strategies and options for the year ahead. 

There are a lot of things that I have always done, but I haven’t been doing them either the right way or the best way. And now they’re taking those things and maximizing them.

Identify gives you help you can trust

The Results: Significant Increase in Sales and the Ability to Focus on Areas of Strength

Tracy contributes much of Squoodles significant growth over the last year to the expertise and systems Identify have brought into the business. 

It’s taken me a long time to understand that you have to invest in your business to make money…

Since Lockdown finished:

    • Sales have doubled from the same previous six month period. (Even after taking out seasonal and pandemic related variations).
    • Email signups have steadily increased, resulting in an engaged, profitable email list. 
    • Email Marketing Automation has contributed an 11% uplift in online sales over the last 12 months
    • Facebook ads are targeted and produce results.
    • Tracy no longer wastes time in areas of weakness and can focus on strengths.
    • Tracy feels confident and positive because she has been able to hand over control to people she trusts. 

A year after beginning to work with Identify Marketing, Tracy loves the peace of mind she has. She knows she has a team who know marketing intimately, are immediately up to date with any changes happening in the industry, and really care about her and her business.

I look at them as though they’re part of the Squoodles family. I’m part of the Identify family…

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