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How Automations Moved Creative Monster’s Teresa Watkins From Feeling Like a Failure to Achieving Sales Success

The Challenge: An inadequate Sales System and Inferior Tools Limited Sales and Left Teresa Feeling Stressed

Sales had been causing stress and head-aches for Teresa for the whole 6 years she had owned Monster Creative. Teresa’s goal is to eventually work her way out of the business.  Her lack of personal confidence in Sales and a disorganised Sales system left her wondering if she would ever achieve that goal. She was losing leads, saying yes to unsuitable jobs, and feeling she wasn’t leading her team well. 

I was feeling icky and gross, and it was sink or swim. I had to make this work. My three staff members and their families [depended on me]. It was like the weight of the world was on me. So much pressure. 

She addressed some of the personal issues around Sales and built a plan for what her Sales process should look like. She then needed to set it up in the most efficient way possible.  

Teresa Watkins from Monster Creative

The Solution: Identify Marketing Delivered a Customised Automated System (ZOHO) With Reliable, Responsive Support

First Came The Big Picture

Teresa turned to Identify Marketing. She planned to get a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) set up, which she would feed her Sales leads into. Rachel, Identify’s Marketing expert, convinced her that the first step was to have a big picture Marketing Strategy. She quickly identified the need for Teresa to focus in on core offerings rather than offering everything to everyone. 

That was probably the most valuable piece of advice that I took. They call it ‘Narrow the Arrow.’ And I did.

Identify Delivered Much More Than Teresa Expected

While Rachel worked with her, Rod, the tech genius, designed and built the automations. These would finally give Teresa the tools she needed to sell with confidence. He took the ideas Teresa had developed and suggested further ideas and alternatives. Rod then walked Teresa through the systems he had set up in the CRM platform, Zoho. She was impressed.

I thought I was just going to get a CRM system but they have ramped up so much automation in behind the scenes. I was really happy with engaging their services, but they delivered more than I was expecting.

ZOHO CRM implementation was comprehensive. The support Rod continued to provide, as Teresa began to gain confidence with the system, went above and beyond.

Rod was so fantastic because he answered questions. He did little tutorial videos. He did screen grabs. How often do you start using a new piece of software, have questions and then the only form of support is a chat window or someone that takes three days to get back to an email… Rod is so reliable, systematic and responsive!… I feel like I’m his only client sometimes.

A Systematic, Clear System Teresa Can Trust

By mid-year, the leads were flooding in and the system really began to show its value. The automations allowed Teresa to:

  • pre-qualify leads, 
  • delegate tasks to other team members, 
  • automate personalised follow-ups and administrative tasks, 
  • prompt actions based on previous contacts and 
  • make the entire sales process smooth and efficient.

Sales tasks were now systematic and clear. There was power in opening Zoho CRM first thing in the morning and working through each task systematically. It was now her sales brain.

It also showed her what needed tweaking. Rod was very responsive when Teresa asked him to add new automations into the system. She realised that the product Identify had recommended had the capacity to grow as her business did. 

The Results: A Robust Sales System Which Gives Teresa Confidence and Produces Results

Teresa now feels like a calm, confident leader and business owner. Her sales have grown so much she turns away projects which aren’t a good fit.

I feel like I’m a leader for my team… and I think my team have a lot more confidence in me now. I’m able to bring in better quality clients that they enjoy working with…They’re our ideal clients now, and it’s a joy to be working with them.  

Results Since working with Identify:

  • Highest sales month in the company’s history (July 2020)
  • Confidently bringing in the Sales needed to provide for her employees
  • Increased conversion rates for the leads coming in
  • More efficient use of sales and marketing time
  • The ability to integrate Zoho CRM with other systems Monster Creative uses 
  • The ability to streamline and replace other systems with Zoho CRM
  • Replacing feelings of failure and stress with confidence and a sense of calm.

Teresa is now significantly closer to her goal of working herself out of the business. She is looking forward to working more with Identify Marketing to get there. 


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