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Ways To Nurture Your Leads

Top 5 Ways You Can Effectively Nurture Leads

The reality of consumers making purchases is that it doesn’t happen right away. They have to go away and think about it and weigh up whether they can trust buying from you and that the product will good quality as well as many other factors.  You must nurture leads to get the sales percentage you are after and to get returning customers. Lead nurturing allows you to target them with the right content and at the right time of their buyer’s journey which increases your chances of closing a sale.

If you are struggling to convert those leads to sales then you should consider creating a nurturing strategy or implementing 2-3 of the points listed below.


  • Target people with the right content

By targeting your customers using content that is relevant to them at their point in the buyer’s journey you will increase the likelihood of them following through with a sale. For example, you wouldn’t show customers that have never even seen your brand a piece of content or advertisement that is related to conversion, because if they are only in the beginning stages of their buyer’s journey with your company then they are likely not ready to buy your product.


You can use specific content to help build a trust between them and your brand by educating them about your service and offering them a taste of what your product or service is like.


  • Personalise your Marketing

Personalised marketing is a great way to engage with your customers and build a trusting relationship with them. It helps them to see your emails in a friendly way, not as spam or just another sales pitch. By using their name in your emails and using text that makes them feel like they are being directly spoken to they are more likely to read your email and take further action in their buyer’s journey


People like to feel thought about and like to think they special or that they are getting a deal that no one else is. You can target this as a business owner or marketer by using the knowledge you have captured about them in your forms and lead generation to create inviting and engaging emails.


  • Create Segmented EDM’s, campaigns and Ads

By first identifying where your customers are in their buyers journey you can segment them into smaller groups within your emails, campaigns and Facebook Advertisements. This way the content is more relevant to each customer and it will increase your open rate, engagement and give you more leads.


You can segment your contacts you have for clients on marketing automation platforms such as Active Campaign. This tool is incredibly useful for creating EDM’s and more but it also allows you to be smart with your data that you’ve captured from your customers and use it to really target them without sending them lots of annoying emails that nobody likes receiving.


  • Use Landing Pages to Capture Information

Landing pages are website pages that are designed to get people to follow through with downloading your offer or signing up your monthly newsletter, for example, using a form with fields of your choice to enter their details. The page itself should not have any options to go back to the home bar because it encourages them to follow through and enter their details on the form. The information that your potential customers enter on the form you can then capture and use as a strategy to nurture your customers- like how we talk about in the points above.


If you’re looking at implementing landing pages on your website you can use this tool called unbounce which helps you to create a great landing page. Or alternatively, you can contact your web developer or have a go creating them yourself using best practices on your site whether you are using WordPress Squarespace or Wix site.


If you are wanting to use lead generation as a tool to nurture leads, landing pages are the perfect way to do so!


  • Follow Up

If you want to see results you are going to have to follow up those leads, retarget them in Facebook Ads and give them some sort of offer or benefit to them that will push them over the edge to complete the sale. Ways to enhance this are to give them timeframes on coupons and vouchers for your website. By giving them only a limited time they’ll feel as though they are passing up on a too good of an offer. Retarget them in Facebook advertisements if they added to cart but then didn’t purchase to also encourage sales.


Most of all, look after your customers throughout their buyer’s journey and continue to nurture them even after they’ve made a purchase so they are more likely to come back and order again from you. Create a trusting relationship with them so they know they can count on you next time they want a product or service you offer. Use real communication and sound like a human chatting to another human, not just an automated response that is boring. You must nurture leads right from the beginning of the buyer’s journey and until the end to get the best end result. 


Still need help on how to nurture leads? Let us see how we can offer you the best marketing support to really drive those sales.

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